Nuridin Islam,  ACC pending
Certified Professional & Transformative Coach

Author, Entrepreneur, Business, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer & Business Strategist

With over 24 years of practical experience in sales, marketing, management, investment, entrepreneurship and training, Nuridin Islam is an ICF certified business & executive coach (ACC), a business strategist, investor, and corporate trainer. Nuridin Islam authored two business comic books: “The Code 8.0 – The cutting-edge coaching guide” and “The Compass – Strategic Management” and coauthored the business book: “Starting the Start-Up”. Nuridin Islam established, actively lead and inspire more than 40 financial intelligence clubs worldwide in some of the major cities like: Dubai, Tokyo, Cairo, Moscow, Paris, Madrid, Sarajevo, Istanbul, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Kuwait and Johannesburg among many others with more than 12,000 active members. 

Those financial intelligence communities provide financial literacy and self-development initiatives through the practical teachings and strategies of world known financial gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Kevin O'Leary, T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen and Warren Buffet. Nuridin Islam is an investor and wealth building practitioner in countries like the UAE, Egypt, Canada, Malaysia and Japan. When it comes to wealth creation and assessing investments, Nuridin Islam focuses on how to make the most profitable investment decisions which bring the highest rate of return based on practical and fundamental analysis. Nuridin Islam is a certified Islamic Finance Professional and is passionate about integrating morals and ethical values with business and investment to have a balanced and blessed life. Nuridin Islam is a personal development speaker and education consultant, a certified Neuro-linguistic programming trainer, Situational Leadership trainer, Sales Consultant, DiSC trainer and a master practitioner in hypnotherapy and Time-Line therapy. Nuridin Islam founded and managed the training departments of some major multinational companies in various industries like pharmaceuticals, advertising, Dotcoms, NGOs, Manufacturing, entertainment and Oil & Gas. Nuridin Islam delivered corporate training and consulting projects in sales, management & leadership, communication, wealth management, financial intelligence and personal development in more than 20 countries across the Middle East, Canada, Asia & Latin America with over 15,000 corporate and individual participants. Currently Nuridin Islam resides in Cairo, Egypt, running the following businesses: Business Intelligence Ltd training and consulting company, Homies Game center and coffee shop, Diamond Coaching, Indulgence Music Production, MoveToEgypt Relocation services and Synergy Simulation Design.