Dr. Ruquyah Gandhi
Certified Academic Coach

Dip Early Years (NIE); B.Ed. (Australia); M.Ed. (Australia); PhD (USA); Professional Diploma in SFBT (Canadian Council Professional Certification); ACTA, (Singapore); PHD candidate (NIE/NTU) Member, American Medical Board Psychotherapy (2006), Certified KAGAN trainer

Ruquyah is co- founder of Global Educators Educational Research and Development and Director of Education in Singapore Academy Educational Excellence- SAEE. She has been a key panellist in many countries conferences and research moderator on education papers and reviews. She runs project education on human and sustainable development on SGDs for many international schools. Has been brand advisor on school building capacity and pedagogical context. Advisor and trainer to school’s leaders and teachers on pedagogical practices and development of quality education. 

She is an also international expert on education reforms and policy on early childhood and general education. Has given many workshops and talks on quality teaching and teacher’s development in human climate sustainability change. Her recent interest in educational entrepreneurship.

Ruquyah Gandhi has been in the educational field for more than 15 years around Asia.  Her extensive experience in teacher’s training, course and program development. Her work includes materials preparation, evaluation and assessment of teaching method for the diploma in leadership and teaching in the early childhood education. She has experience in various learning and thinking strands based on the 21st Century skills on teachers’ professional development and strategic planning in India Cambodia, Russia, ORLEU: Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Dubai, Maldives, Malaysia and Brunei.

She has taught in many international Universities in Australia and UK. Have a vast experience in Asia and involved in many educational talks in ASEAN. Her contributions in education and early childhood education has been an eye opener for developing countries. Recently, she is attached to James Cook University as Sessional Lecturer for the Post Bachelor and Bachelor programs for ESL and indigenous speakers. 

She has been a facilitator and practicum supervisor for teachers- in- training in Singapore. Her expertise is in early childhood education field and business. Most specifically in curriculum design and implementation pedagogical method of teaching and child developmental issues for children age 0 to 8 years old and staff development in the education field. She has written several courses works and manuals for Early Childhood and teacher development program.  She does a lot advisory and consulting work in EC and education business in around Asia region and other parts of the world. 

She has been workshop and seminar presenter on various issues on parent’s education, learning and teaching method, classroom management and observation, literacy and numeracy in children. She has conducted leadership training in leadership and management role in educational field. 

Her work in private college in Calgary, Canada, as Academic Consultant, which involved in branding school image, accreditation matters, design marketing strategic, instructional coaching and administrative matters. 

Her position as business development architect in strategic planning and networking with international partners connect and collaborate business in various countries. 

 She also trained corporate business in business entrepreneurship, workplace relationships and engagement, building working culture and business branding in using stories. Her vast exposure in various industries makes her able to share various perspectives and values for better success.