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Certified Professional & Transformative Coach 70 hours training

  • Date: 05/12/2021 04:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Certified Professional & Transformative Coach 


  • Haitham Abdelhak, PCC
  • Ahmed Khalil, PCC

Program Description

  • We provide 70 hours coach training that covers all the ICF core competencies that bring you the mastery skills of coaching.
  • 4 modules that give the best tools to coach anyone in different niches.
  • Each trainee is going to get pre-reading assignments before the actual face to face training.
  • The trainee will participate in 100% of face to face training sessions.
  • The trainee will complete 100% of the training activities with an average rate of 80%. Which includes 10 online practice coaching sessions.
  • The trainee will submit one final coaching sessions recording  with a client who didn’t receive coaching training.


  • We at International Coach Masters believe that coaching is an art and science. Therefore; it requires scholarly reading, reflection, practicing, analysis of materials and coaching sessions, and mentoring. These combined methods allow our trainees to fast forward from novice to professional practice throughout the course of training path.

Learning style

  • High-quality coaching readings and articles that combine both theory and practice.
  • Summary and analysis of reading materials written by the trainee.
  • Reflection of the reading materials in 1000-1500 words reflection report.
  • Practicing through face to face training plus 10  online coaching sessions.
  • One coaching sessions  recording  with transcript  with clients who didn’t receive coaching training.

Student contact hours 

70 hours including:

  • Pre-reading assignments
  • 10 online lectures via Zoom 
  • 10 online coaching practice sessions with PCC via Zoom
  • Reflections assignments
  • Written assignment
  • Weekly peer-coaching with others 
  • Oral test

Training Language

  • English 


  • This training is designed for people who would love to be future coaches and be professionals so no exact requirements for this training as we International Coach Masters will provide them with the tools they need to be professional coaches. 

Course Modules 

The Core essence of coaching

  • Introduction to coaching.
  • Coaching & other professions
  • ICF Credentials
  • Coaching success factors
  • Demonstrates ICF Ethical practice
  • Incarnate the coaching mindset.

Mastering coaching skills            

  • Maintain the coaching agreement & the measure of success.
  • Cultivate trust and safety.
  • Three core elements of coaching.
  • Positive psychology & coaching.
  • Metaphor & stories in coaching conversation.
  • The power of now & preserving presence.

Into the heart of coaching, the relationship of client-coach

  • The external signs of coaching - client relationship
  •  listening actively.
  • Evoking the client awareness 
  • Tough coaching conversations

Cultivating Learning and Growth   

  • Support client growth to design actions
  • Expand client growth to plan and set SMART goals.
  • Managing coaching accountability & progress
  • Coaching Models & Niches 
  • Peer coaching
  • FAQ “CKA, ICF application……etc. 

Cost: 1800$ 

Cancellation & Refund Policy 

Cancellations Prior to Commencement of Classes: 

 In case of  withdrawal 10 days or less before the course starts, the company will retain 25% of tuition. This 25% retained tuition amount may be credited towards the same course within the next 1 years from the day of withdrawal.

Cancellations After Commencement of Classes:

 If a student  withdraws from the training at any time, the company may retain the $100  non-refundable registration fee, plus a percentage of the total tuition as described in the cancellation table below.

Withdrawal Procedure: 

A. A student choosing to withdraw from the course after the commencement of classes must provide written notice to the Director of the company via email with the subject line “Withdrawal from Coach Training”. The notice must include the          expected last date of attendance no less than 2 weeks before the  projected termination date. A student’s request to withdraw  immediately shall therefore officially become effective 2 weeks after the date of the emailed notice. The student is responsible for confirming receipt of the withdrawal email by the company’s Director.

B. Non‑attendance by the student is not considered an official  withdrawal.

C. Medical emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances will be evaluated on a case‑by-case basis at the discretion of the company’s Director.

Processing Refunds: 

All refunds must be paid within thirty calendar  days of the student’s official termination date with the exception of delays caused by possible billing disputes including a “charge‑back” 3rd party (credit card, etc.) process initiated by student.


If the student completes this amount of training: the company may keep this percentage of the tuition cost:

One month         25%

Two months       35%

Three months     60 %

Four months       80%

Five months      100%